Ludwig Timpani

Introducing The New Era of Ludwig Timpani

For more than 35 years, the Ludwig Timpani have set the standard for performance in bands and orchestras around the world. Ludwig is proud to announce the newest line of Grand Symphonic, Professional, and Standard Series Timpani. All three lines of timpani have been updated with incredible new features to improve the functionality and mobility.


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As timpanist of the Pittsburgh Symphony, William F. Ludwig, Sr. shared a love for the classical works that was only equaled by his passion to perform them on-stage. In 1909, Ludwig, being the purist he was, grew frustrated when the hand-tuned timpani of the day made it difficult to play Wagnerian parts to his liking. But it wasn’t long before his frustration turned to inspiration. With a more practical, portable, pedal-tuned timpani in mind, the accomplished timpanist took on the role of part-time inventor.

Not surprisingly, Ludwig’s earliest designs and models failed. Hydraulically operated hoses leaked. Cables stretched. But he was determined and never lost heart – as perfecting the music was far too important to him. Then, in 1921, after years of disappointments, he struck perfection. The Balanced Action™ model remains the standard in timpani design and sound quality held around the world. You need only to hear the difference in a Ludwig Timpani to judge for yourself. Ludwig’s Timpani embody the heart and soul of everyone who plays or dedicates their lives to music. Just as there’s more to playing music than reading notes on a page, there’s more to crafting timpani than shaping copper.

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